Midnight Sales - Opening Ceremony

Transformers is finally return to the big screen in 2007. Unlike "Transformers The Movie (1986)", it is not an animation, it's a real action movie. Thanks to the computer technology, we can see the robots disguise as vehicles, as if they really exist in our world. Directed by Michael By, produced by Steven Spielberg, it sure is one of the most anticipated movie of the year!

Hasbro decided not to release the new toy line until June 2 (worldwide) to coordinate with Movie's promotion. In order to honour the arrival of this new toy line, Hasbro Hong Kong Ltd. elaborated a Midnight Sales event at Times Square (Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) on June 2, so that all local TF fans can get their hands on the exciting new toys at the earliest moment posssible.

There are varieties of pre-sales functions starting at 6pm on June 1 to warm up the fans, e.g. Introduction to Transformers, Shoot game (using the new Arm Blaster), Cosplay competition, Mascot transformation shows, Tongue Twister Challenge (using the new Voice Changer), Quiz Competition, Celebrity rookies - Jason Chan & Jaime joining the game "The price is right", Transformers Hip Hop Dance. For such a fruitful function, not only TF fans, many passer-by are attracted to the show.

Crowd starting to build up near 6pm
Cosplayer getting ready

There are 6 contestants in this Cosplay Competetion, they imitates°G
(each contestant has to speak out the slogan of the character that they imitate and make a pose of it)

Optimue Prime (Male contestant)
Optimue Prime (Female contestant)
Group shot (Flashes never end~)

It's rather difficult to imitate a robot character in the form of human, much more difficult than creating the Mascots. The designers have spent an awful lot of effort to maintain the spirit of the imitated character in the fashionable costumes.

Soundwave becomes a handbag Cute little wheelies

Wheels can be found on Optimus Prime's boots (female) while the windshield is still on her chest; Megatron is still having her gun barrel at the back and a very neat helmet; Starscream's cockpit on her chest and missle launchers at the shoulders; Bumblebee turns into a real bee with wings at her back and a cute little skirt; Soundwave is the most fashioable cosplayer, she's having a soundwave-like hangbag! Last but not least, the only male contestant has used the Voice Changer and Arm Blaster as part of his costume while having some flash lights on his shoulders and waist.


Shooting Game: 3 contestants using Hasbro Latest Arm Blaster try to shoot their bullets into the bucket at the other side of the stage.


Tongue Twister Challenge: 3 contestants wearing Hasbro Latest Voice Changer to speak out the preset phrases in the shortest time possible.


Quiz Competition: 3 contestnats answer as many TF related questions as possible.


Mascot Transformation: one of the highlights of the show, 2 costumes not only imitating Optimus Prime and Starscream, they are actually transformable like the robots in the cartoon!!

Optimus Prime Mascot Trnasformation

Starscream Mascot Transformation



Fans of Jason Chan
Celebrity Jim (I Love You Boyz), Jason, Jaime
Jason and the Mascots

Hip Hop Dance is another highlight of the shows, 4 Dancers wearing T-Shirts with Autobot / Decepticon logos and Hasbro latest Voice Changer entering the stage. Optimus Prime and Starscream Mascots join their performace at various scenes of the Dance which makes their performace even more attractive.


After the Hip Hop Dance, Hasbro Hong Kong Ltd. representatives give speeches to this opening ceremony. Celebrity Jason & Jaime, Optimus Prime and Starscream Mascots are invited to pull the Arm Blaster together for the grand opening of the Midnight Sales.

Starscream using OP's arm blaster instead of his own

....to be continued


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